Listing agreement

This AGREEMENT is signed between COFFE MANAGEMENT LP, Company number NL000697, a Northern Ireland Company, with the registered office located at Suite 5, 21 Botanic Avenue, Belfast, Northern Ireland, BT7 1JJ, hereinafter named “COFFE EXCHANGE”), and the “TOKEN SPONSOR” as the FINANCIAL SPONSOR of the above mentioned crypto COIN/TOKEN. The FINANCIAL SPONSOR of the COIN and COFFE EXCHANGE, as well as the above mentioned COIN/TOKEN, together and hereinafter named as the “PARTIES ”.

WHEREAS, the above mentioned TOKEN SPONSOR expresses its intention of using the COFFE EXCHANGE to get the COIN/TOKEN listed and tradable at COFFE EXCHANGE;

FURTHERMORE, COFFE EXCHANGE and the SPONSOR hereby consent and agree on the followings:

1.1. To applicate the listing on COFFE EXCHANGE TOKEN SPONSOR fill the form "COFFE Exchange Listing Information" Filling the above form is the acceptance of this agreement.

1.2. The TOKEN SPONSOR shall declare and promise that the listing of COIN/TOKEN must meet the following conditions, including but not limited to:

  • To be safe COIN/TOKEN needs to be a utility token not securities token. If COIN/TOKEN is not a utility token then it must have the green light (with proof) from local regulator that the token fits the requirement set by regulator (share, unit trust, bond and derivative).
  • To have a full-scale team of TOKEN SPONSOR with technical and marketing ability. It is required to ensure the long-term operation and maintenance of the COIN/TOKEN;
  • To be in compliance with the local regulation and laws with the possession of the relevant certificates;
  • The TOKEN SPONSOR must cooperate with COFFE EXCHANGE to prevent the malicious marketing disordering from happening;

1.3. Initially, all COINS/TOKENS are traded on the COFFE EXCHANGE in pair with CFF - the token of COFFE EXCHANGE, trading with other assets is negotiated as a separate agreement.

1.4. The ensure of liquidity of the COIN/TOKEN lies on the side of TOKEN SPONSOR. COFFE EXCHANGE provide the liquidity of CFF only. COFFE EXCHANGE can ensure the liquidity of other COIN/TOKEN, but under a separate agreement.

1.5. With a monthly trading volume of a coin / token of less than 30000 USDT, payment for a servers in the amount of 300 USDT per month is charged.

1.6. The minimum amount available for withdrawal is about 5 USDT output. The minimum amount is set at the discretion of the administration of the exchange and can be changed at any time without prior notice.

1.7. The minimum transaction cost for the withdrawal of coins is the equivalent of 1 USDT to CFF at the exchange rate at the time of withdrawal.

1.8. The issuer or sponsor of the coin undertakes to transfer to the exchange account the equivalent of 1000 USDT in a coin to ensure the withdrawal.

2.1. All information provided by the TOKEN SPONSOR may be publicly displayed by COFFE EXCHANGE and will not be notified in advance.

2.2. COFFE EXCHANGE has the right to take necessary measures to ensure the normal operation of the platform, and to seal, freeze or terminate the use of maliciously controlled market accounts at any time if necessary.

2.3. COFFE EXCHANGE reserves the right to stop trading of COIN/TOKEN that do not comply with the laws and regulations of the project location, this agreement and the rules of the COFFE EXCHANGE. In serious cases, the COIN/TOKEN can be delisted.

2.4. To protect the transactions and recharge records generated by investors in the purchase, sale, transfer of digital assets conducted by COFFE EXCHANGE, it does not provide the relevant information to any organization or individual unless otherwise provided by the laws of Northern Ireland.

2.5. The TOKEN SPONSOR shall not violate the local laws and regulations or the content of this agreement, use COFFE EXCHANGE to promote illegal activities and cause losses to COFFE EXCHANGE. COFFE EXCHANGE reserves the responsibility for investigation.

2.6. COFFE EXCHANGE has the right to delist COIN/TOKEN without giving a reason.

3.1. COFFE EXCHANGE will allow its member community to trade the TOKEN/COIN against the other cryptocurrencies (to “buy and sell”).

3.2. COFFE EXCHANGE will aim to make the TOKEN/COIN tradable within the shortest time frame after the listing gets the final acceptance from COFFE EXCHANGE. The listing approval will contain the listing time prediction, which varies based on the underlying protocol.

4.1. The TOKEN SPONSOR will pay the listing fees according to the price list of COFFE EXCHANGE.

4.2. The fees will be paid immediately after the TOKEN/COIN gets the final acceptance for the listing by COFFE EXCHANGE. The fees will be paid to a dedicated address indicated in the final listing approval certificate from COFFE EXCHANGE.

5.1. To guarantee maximum protection of user assets, COFFE EXCHANGE reserves the right to unlist any TOKEN/COIN from the exchange, including but not limited to the following reasons:

  • TOKEN SPONSOR team dismissed, TOKEN/COIN no longer supported by TOKEN SPONSOR team or others,
  • Project of TOKEN SPONSOR is facing significant legal issues, evolving regulatory standards and other compliance issues.
  • TOKEN SPONSOR request unlisting from COFFE EXCHANGE
  • Technical issue or security issue occurs,
  • Major fraudulent information disclosure,
  • Limited trading volume on the exchange or potentially suspicious trading activity,
  • Violation of token listing agreement and other documents of COFFE EXCHANGE,
  • Complaints by users or traders of the TOKEN/COIN,
  • Any other matters that do not meet the requirements of continuing of trade of TOKEN/COIN.

5.2. COFFE EXCHANGE will give a notice to TOKEN SPONSOR 5 days in advance to unlist the TOKEN/COIN and holders of TOKEN/COIN will have a 30-day period to withdraw their assets from COFFE EXCHANGE.

5.3. Listing made free of charge has no guarantees, may be delisted at any time.

6.1. COFFE EXCHANGE works on a “best efforts basis” only. It is here with explicitly agreed and confirmed by the TOKEN SPONSOR that COFFE EXCHANGE will have no legal and financial liability towards the TOKEN SPONSOR in case the token would not become a success or if the tokens were to become stolen or hacked.

6.2. The financial risk is taken by the TOKEN SPONSOR, not by COFFE EXCHANGE who acts as a supportive service providing capacity only.


7.1. The TOKEN SPONSOR is obliged to comply with all the terms of this agreement and the supplementary instructions for subsequent announcements of COFFE EXCHANGE.

7.2. The TOKEN SPONSOR can not misrepresent the false information to spread the negative information about COFFE EXCHANGE.

7.3. The TOKEN SPONSOR has the right to comply with the relevant laws, regulations and policy requirements at its location to ensure the legality of all assets in the account at its location.

8.1. COFFE EXCHANGE reserves the right to change the content of this Agreement or other terms and operating rules issued by COFFE EXCHANGE at any time.

8.2. Upon termination of this Agreement, the TOKEN SPONSOR has no right to request COFFE EXCHANGE to continue to provide any services or perform any other obligations, including but not limited to requiring COFFE EXCHANGE to retain or disclose to the user any information in its original COFFE EXCHANGE account.

9.1. This AGREEMENT is governed by the Law of Northern Ireland and United Kingdom. In case of a disputes, only the Courts of Belfast, Northern Ireland will be the authorised Courts.


Annex # 1 to the listing agreement. Price list for a listing of TOKENS/COINS at the COFFE EXCHANGE

Both paid and free listing can be refused without the explanations.

Free listing

Listing of COINS/TOKENS in pair with CFF at COFFE EXCHANGE is free of charge (without any guarantees).

Paid listing

Listing of COINS/TOKENS paired with BTC - 1BTC + 1 BTC in project tokens.
Listing of COINS/TOKENS paired with USDT - 1 BTC in project tokens.
Listing of COINS/TOKENS paired with CFF is free, if you pay one of the markets.


COFFE EXCHANGE guarantees a TOKEN/COIN listing of the minimum of 36 (thirty six) months, however COFFE EXCHANGE reserves the right to delist the TOKEN/COIN, in case it believes that discretion of TOKEN/COIN is harmful or is in any way negative for COFFE EXCHANGE.